5 Vital Features to Consider in Website Development

5 Vital Features to Consider in Website Development

When you’re new to the world of making things for the web, as opposed to just consuming it, web development can seem like the most daunting thing in the world. How do I get my ideas from concept to publishing? Do I need a site? A theme? How can I seem like a professional in a connected playground where memes are as popular as business-to-business articles? These aren’t easy questions to answer by yourself so read our guide of what to consider to help make your journey into web development a whole lot easier.


Many people don’t realise that simply ‘having an idea’ is not enough. Before you’ve even started to put together all of the things you’re going to write about and what snazzy design features your site is going to have, you need to decide what it’s going to be called.
Getting your domain name wrong is a sure fire way to put people off because if the web address doesn’t grip them or is too confusing to spell out, they’ll just avoid your site altogether. We recommend that you brainstorm – write down a list of dozens of possible domains and ask people who know about your niche what they think.


Having a domain isn’t enough either as you’ll have to invest in a server to host your site too. Expecting tons of traffic to your new web development endeavour? Go large and get a big back up too. Looking to start off small instead? That’s also possible because most server packages can be upgraded if you need them. The most important factor is reliability.


A sturdy site needs a sturdy theme and now that you have the former, you’ll be looking to jazz your site up a bit. Despite what trendsetters will say, the attractiveness of your theme isn’t as important as its functionality (though ideally your theme would have both) so if you can’t afford to splash out on the best theme for your site, at a base level, make sure that it’s easy to navigate as otherwise you’ll find many a customers or reader turned away by a unsightly theme. The themes from themeforest.net  come highly recommended, however themes bought in this way may be used by plenty of other people who can also buy them so it may be worthwhile to invest in a custom theme, made only for your site, which is one of the services we provide here at Brisk Inventions Group, Inc.


Professionalism doesn’t just come with what your site looks like (or what it’s called) as every email you send will now be representing your site. Unfortunately, professionalism isn’t always upheld with a Gmail or Hotmail account so perhaps try setting up your own, E-mail Solutions instead to make sure that your communications look as upstanding and professional as ever.


Even small scale web development projects can take a long time and time just isn’t something that many people have these days. It can also be frustrating to watch your web development efforts come crashing to the ground as you realise that you’ve left out a line of code whilst trying to alter your theme and have no way of getting it back. Don’t let your web development dreams get the better of you though, by letting our expert team and build your web presence to ensure your website is rock solid.

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