Copywriting services

Our copywriting service is a great extension of our multilingual SEO and website localisation offering. In recent years, search engines such as Google have put great emphasis on websites keeping their content fresh and reliant, something many companies struggle to find the time for.

Not only does our copywriting service alleviate time restraints of compiling this copy yourselves, it generates unique copy in a language that you are unfamiliar with. We do not need to work from a pre-written source file. The aim is to write a completely original piece in the target language.

If you’re looking to write an original article for your foreign market, why not have a native multilingual copywriter work on it?

Copywriting services can be used for:

  • Website content
  • Articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Blogs

Every transcreation and copywriting project is unique. We study the source material carefully and provide a tailor-made quote and brief to fit your requirements.

Translation Service

Localisation and translation allow your company to become more globally accessible. It breaks down barriers, increases revenue, builds credibility and increases SEO.

Our team of qualified and professional French-Canadian translators are chosen primarily because they are native speakers of the language and also their unwavering commitment to both quality and exceptional service.

We provide cost effective translations services that are run exclusively by native-speaking humans, not machines and our expert translators are experienced in translating all types of websites, articles, advertisements, legal documents, technical manuals and what have you…

We design multi-lingual websites in your customers’ own native languages that stands out. A multilingual website will help you capture the attention of non-English speakers looking for your products and/or services, acquire new customers, keep existing ones engaged, win back former customers and build a sustainable competitive advantage for your business and with a potential for an increase of between 100% in sales. It is the most cost effective ways of marketing your company, capturing new users, building relationships with new customers and giving your brand an international corporate identity.

Professional Human translation speed by industry standard is 200 words an hour, and 2000 words a day per translator. We have the capacity to split projects between several translators in our team to get the translation done faster, one time and within budget.

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