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Our On-Site IT staffing and outsourcing service makes it easy for our clients to engage “smart hands” technical support for all their remote locations. We provide a single-source, countrywide solution for onsite IT support, eliminating the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.

We have deep experience and have spent over a decade working with companies to bridge the gap between consulting and staffing. We go to great lengths to ensure you have the most qualified and desired technical support expects in a wide variety of technologies and solutions including:

OnSite/Remote Helpdesk & Support

Workstation Management and Maintenance

Mobile Device Support and Synchronization

Server and IT Network Support

Email and Cloud Services

Office Relocation Services

Printer and Copier Support

Wi-Fi Planning & Design

Point of Sale

Low Voltage Cabling

In today’s world, technology is the key for success in all modern businesses. Monitoring the level of technology all by yourself could be confusing, immense, costly and complicated. It shouldn’t be that way. Desktop and user support services offered by Brisk Inventions can minimize costs, maximize uptime and cause your business technology to operate smoothly. After all, with many years of experience servicing many companies, Brisk Inventions has the technical know-how and expertise to offer not just any random solution but the best support services for your organization. We make available, desktop and user support services for both small and large scale enterprises. We reduce our client’s desktop support charges by 50% while developing the satisfaction we give to our clients and time to fix significantly. Although each client as a unique need but let’s discuss some of our most sought-after services and ways they can benefit you.


You can not do the task without the appropriate hardware. Buy too much, and you would be wasting resources. Purchasing tools which are below your requirements means wasted resources as well as effort and time your staffs spent. With Brisk Inventions experience getting the appropriate technology for your business is made easy. Deployment and Imaging: It is good to have the latest hardware, but then what’s next? Software, equipment, and settings all have to be effectively and quickly set up all around your business. Having a partnership with Brisk Inventions means you won’t have to stress over this headaches. We make all your needs come through. We take care of your assets, what technology does your business have? What about if things wear out? Most companies do not have the right answers to these questions. Brisk Inventions offers non-demand resources and a personalized plan to get your crew back on track quickly.



To most people, a change could be intimidating, but the Brisk Inventions team is readily available, friendly, approachable and adopts an education-focused style with outputs in meeting your near future and current needs. We also provide solutions to any sudden changes to mission-critical software. As a result, you are sure of having the latest security measures and you would be able to take advantage of OS-level enhancements to enhance your business via efficiency. Many end users all over the world depend on Brisk Inventions desktop and user support services. Our flexible, cross-trained, teams combined desktop resources and service desk. That enables you to get back on track and keeps your overhead costs contained.

Whether you are searching for the perfect hardware, deployment and imaging, fix/break and inventory/assets monitoring, system migration and, user and desktop support services to enable you and your staffs live easier, Brisk Inventions offers a first-class support service and assistant when it most needed. Organize your deployments and reduce business disruptions while saving resources. Our support services are provided to government, individuals, and management through our Insight command center to make sure you are enjoying year-over-year developments. Obtaining the needed talent in maintaining your operations could drain valuable resources, limiting your ability to concentrate on innovating. Our expert provides experienced support to relieve your internal crew, enabling you to maximize profit and minimize cost.

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