Beat Your Competitors – Multilingual Website

Beat Your Competitors –  Multilingual Website

Acquire new customers, keep existing ones engaged, win back former customers and build a sustainable competitive advantage for your business!

Creating a customer-centric website; a multilingual website that attracts diverse customers’ attention will help you build a sustainable competitive advantage for your business in today’s marketplace. Think outside the box; lead the marketplace and establish your company or brand in native languages.

Communicating in your customers’ own native languages shows you care about them and will not only expand your business, and put more money in your bank account but will also create awareness of your brand, service or product around the world. A multilingual website will help you capture the attention of non-English speaker looking for your products and/or services and with a potential for an increase of between 100% in sales. It is the most cost effective ways of marketing your company, capturing new users, building relationships with new customers and giving your brand an international corporate identity.

At Brisk Inventions Group, Inc. we make it simple for you! We are a privately held corporation founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by a diverse group of highly proficient IT professionals with extensive knowledge of Custom Software/multi-lingual website design and development using open-source CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, CakePHP, OS-Commerce, Zen Cart, X-Cart, AspDotNet, StoreFront, DotNetNuke, SugarCRM, etc.

Our values stem from understanding that our success is tied with success of our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet the service levels on the most Critical to Quality (CTQ) parameters of “on time”, “within budget” and “defect free” applications development.

The importance of targeting non-English speakers is obvious, however translating your current web contents into other languages seems to be the problem, but not anymore! Brisk Inventions Group, Inc. makes it simple for you. We can help you to make your existing website multi-lingual and/or creating totally new multi-lingual website for you. We have professional linguist-native Canadian French speakers in-house and other native speakers on contract basis. So send us your website content, document, software or what have you and we will have one of our professional native speakers quickly translate it for you.

Talk to us today at +1-437-888-1240 or email us and one of our clients’ happiness specialists will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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