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We provide IT hardware relocation, IT setup and server moving services to companies setting up or moving offices and other IT outsourcing services

We have deep experience in servicing and supporting all major brands and types of printerscopiers, faxes, and scanners and our solutions include:

Transfer of Equipment

Hardware Procurement

Audio and Video Installation


Other Systems Installations

Have you found the new office you have always wanted? Want to relocate a unit or a whole office? Our office relocation specialists know every there is about the special needs involved and plan to have your that business quickly back in action as soon as possible. Planning and carrying out the moving of your business organization from a building to another is a very tasking activity which demands a trusted and experienced office relocation service, high level of experience and knowledge and specialized techniques. Whether moving to the next town, to a different state or moving to the international level, a lot goes into running your business. The failure or success of your movement will depend on if you completed your budget on time and whether your business will soar higher without any interruption. Brisk Inventions has been offering cost-effective, efficient, office relocating services to various companies of different sizes and across many industries.

We have an excellent professionalism at every type of office movement, and even relocation of sophisticated computer networks and capital equipment, company-wide office moves and many more. Because you can’t afford to fold up and the physical relocation of your business enterprise could be full of some unforeseen surprises and changes, Brisk Inventions’ extensive skills in planning and performing office relocates and its knowledge in the latest techniques and technology is crucial to minimizing downtime and maintaining staffs productivity. Because all the company’s business objectives and approaches to a move aren’t the same, Brisk Inventions provides an array of movements and storage facilities to meet all your critical, challenging business needs.

Brisk Inventions are professionals when it comes to handling common or sensitive items which need special handling. If you are moving highly fragile laboratory equipment, delicate art or work, high-value manufacturing equipment, sophisticated computer hardware, at Brisk Inventions has all the capabilities you require. We work with the specially trained, professional personnel and a modern collection of lift-gate vehicles saddled with climate – control systems programmed to move the most fragile equipment safely. We organize and carry out all your office moves which fit with your business schedule. We keep every staff involved and informed so that you’re already set up in your new workspace, efficiently, quickly, and prepared to continue with your business.

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