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AboutThe Client

Servetray is a Caribbean-inspired online and delivery company which takes great pride in sourcing quality ingredients, preparing, cooking, and then delivering: tasty, large portions, wholesome, and cost-effective menu offerings in the UK.

At the moment ServeTray operate in London, but don’t you worry they have expansion plans to set up in other UK cities.

The Servetray brand shares a common association and entrenchment in the heart of the Caribbean due primarily to the fact that the brand’s founder is a native son of its shores (Jamaica). Which brings ServeTray to the point that the manner in which their food products are prepared and cooked is based on a Caribbean-styled infusion. Simply, the unique taste of ServeTray food is culturally embedded in a Caribbean inspired preparation and cooking approach. If we take a walk down food history lane, it is the Caribbean region (dominantly the island of Jamaica) that popularised and broaden the awareness of the famous jerk related cooking. This legendary jerk cuisine is a combination of cultures, authentic flavours, and a slow grilling approach. However, what lots of people are not mindful is the fact that the Caribbean is an underrepresented group when it comes to world cuisine. Hence, part of ServeTray brand vision also entails taking on that corporate responsibility of helping to raise the awareness of Caribbean food to a global audience.


About this project

ServeTray approached us after a bad experience with their former developer to design and develop food ordering and delivery management website. We took up the challenge and completed the project as expected in good time and within budget. The project was a huge success because the client knows exactly what he wanted to was available to review deliverable and share feedback throughout the development life cycle.

The online food ordering system is easy to use and enables ServeTray customers to browse online menu, view delicious food images, and check out the deals to order online


  • Technology: PHP
  • Framework: CakePHP
  • Jquery
  • HTML 5.0
  • CSS 2.0, CSS 3.0

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