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AboutThe Client

Vestates is a private limited liability real estate and property management company. It was established in 2013 (RC number 1102905) and was incorporated on 19 March, 2013. Its mission is to provide convenient and quality services to all our customers.

Vestates provides complete real estate services which include the lease and sale of residential and commercial properties and long term property management. Vestates strives to make finding suitable properties for prospective tenants, home buyers and even commercial developers, easy and stress-free.

They have a vast network of client base and employ a team of highly skilled and trained staff, highly specialized in the search and negotiation of the best properties Abuja has to offer. Vestates will never compromise on quality or standards.


About this project

Vestates retained our professional services to revamp and modernize their website and integrate the new site with Qube XML Data feeds. They were impressed with the level of professionalism, deliverable and customer service they got.

There are alot of reasons why you would want to do a complete makeover for an existing website design. Some reasons might be more obvious than others
but the most popular reason is that businesses need to change with the times and as your business grows, it is inevitable your website needs to grow too.

Your website sits at the intersection of your business environment and technology – and both of these are in constant flux, therefore website redesigns are inevitable

It has been an honor and pleasure working with Vetsates team!


  • Technology: PHP
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Jquery
  • HTML 4.0
  • CSS 2.0, CSS 3.0
  • QUBE XML Feeds Integration

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