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Our experience working with frustrating office equipment does more than just solve problems with your copiers and printers, it provides you with a way to cut organizational costs.

We have deep experience in servicing and supporting all major brands and types of printerscopiers, faxes, and scanners and our solutions include:

Multifunction Printers – Monochrome and Color

Laser Printers – Monochrome and Color

Continuous Form Laser Printers


Label Printers

Thermal Printers

Printer and Copier Support

Wide Format Printers

Point of Sale

Impact Printers

We make sure your printers and copiers stay productive throughout their lifespan. Our clients include those with single devices to those in need of an exceptional managed print and copier support services. With Brisk Inventions, you will be guaranteed of quality bulk printing as we will get your printing jobs done with no delay. Even the best, high tech, printers, and copiers systems need periodic maintenance and service. We will do all it takes to prevent a downtime of your printing and copier devices.  Our team manages and organize your printer and copier task, and they have the best personnel and equipment to get the work done. Our print engineers focus on the color, and quality of your prints.

Before our prints installation, our engineers pre-configure and build all the individual model to our client’s exact needs. For instance, PIN codes and IP addresses could be set up to enable you to to make use of your new printers and copiers immediately after installation. We carefully examine all our technical equipment on-site, and every package is disposed of through our recycling center helping you to reduce downtime. Once you finish setting up your business printing and copier system, our professionals will be saddled with the supervision and training of your staffs on how to properly carry out all the printing and copying activities.

Our specialists at Brisk Inventions have full knowledge and experience on printers and copiers, any time you want our Field and IT support Service Engineers. They will coordinate all your business printing support service based on how and when you want it. We will provide you with the most efficient and effective response to a call out and thus minimizing our carbon footprint. By utilizing the latest software in the industry, we carefully monitor the position and status of your printer and copier equipment and check for potential problems making all your prints very clear. Also, we can optimize your paper count and the best cartridges toner requirements to allows you to make the best print out for all business sizes.

Brisk Inventions printer and copier support services have been highly rated by our numerous clients. Our specialist and technicians are licensed experts on the type of services we provide so you can rest assured your organization or business will always be productive. We are dedicated to all our client by making sure all their tasks are carried out by our professionals, and specially trained printing technicians who are certified repairers, technical analysts, printing segment supervisors, and printing support service managers. Our Printer and copier service crew concentrate on color, quality, office, and type of printers we use in our manufacturing, with technicians, professionalize on our printer’s model and type. All our copier and printer service technicians are well trained, making sure your printing tasks are clean and colored. Reach out to Brisk Inventions for all your printing and copying tasks as we are always at your service 24/7.

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