Registering an Effective Domain Name

Registering an Effective Domain Name

The business of buying and selling domain names is at the peak right now. The reason that everyone is involved in this business is that no matter whether you’re a photographer, writer, marketer or just a simple businessman, sooner or later you will want a website for yourself and for that you will have to buy/register a domain name.

Sounds simple enough right?

You want to start a website and you will just register a domain name of your choice and that’s it? Yes, it’s simple but few things must be in mind to choose an effective domain address and successfully registering it. Here are a few tips that will help you in selecting a domain name that doesn’t suck.

Selecting a name that is original and relevant to your company

The very first thing you need to do is:
think of a name that is best suited to your business. For example you have a company named “Marks Clothing Center for Women”. Now selecting a domain name like won’t serve the purpose. You need to make sure that it represents the name of your company; people should be able to tell that that domain belongs to you simply by reading it. Selecting “marksclothing” or “mclothing” will be more meaningful.

Keeping the name as short as possible

It’s a good practice to keep your domain name as short as possible. A long name or a whole company’s name would definitely serve the purpose of clarity but the chances of spelling mistakes will be very high which will just simply annoy your customers.

Include popular keywords

It is advised to include popular or focused keywords in your domain name. Selecting a domain name that contains top searched keywords will definitely play an important part in diverting traffic towards your site.

A unique and catchy name

The domain name that you will be choosing should also be unique. Selecting a name similar to already existing domains will only serve the purpose of confusing your customers and nothing else. Along with keeping it unique you should also consider selecting a catchy name. Selecting just a unique or weird name that doesn’t make any sense might also cause problems for your customers to remember it.

Using proper wording

Most of the people forget this important thing when selecting their domain name. You need to keep in mind that your domain name should not contain any offensive or negative words. This can have a very negative impact on your customers.

Using popular domain extensions

There are many domain extensions like .com .net etc selecting a proper domain extension can also play a vital role in making your online business successful. Nowadays .com extensions are very popular and most of the time highly trafficked sites use this extension so try to get .com extension for your site.

If you keep these things in mind while selecting and registering your domain name then the chances of finding a great domain for your site will be greatly increased. Of course there are many more issues while registering a domain including scam domain registrars.

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