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Web hosting isn’t just the main meal to go with the all important side that is your website’s domain address, it’s the very foundation of your entire business. If this were a physical store then you could liken your domain address to the bricks that the store is built out of while the web hosting is the cement that keeps it sturdy, strong and held together.

Without the support that your web hosting provides anyone could topple your business over with a hefty shove that will see it all come crashing to the ground, left in ruins around your ankles. No one wants that for their business project which is why choosing the right web hosting company is one of the most important decisions you’ll make online. Which hosting company is trusted by over 9 million websites?

Keep reading to find out how to make the right choice.


One huge factor that few people consider before setting up their site is what their site will feature. Planning on posting half a dozen times a day? With photo and video heavy posts?
That’s going to take up an awful lot of space, such a big bit of space in fact that without the right preparation some site owners can actually find themselves running out of space and running out of space when you aren’t expecting it can be disastrous not least because it will take time and money to upgrade your package. That time will only be extended should your web hosting company be uncooperative.1&1 offers three packages (two of which have unlimited space) to ensure that this never happens to you.


Even if you have more than enough space with your web hosting package to post all the day long, you’ll also want to consider security and just what will happen if your posts are enticing enough that someone wants to hack your site and rob you of your many hours of hard work. Even if you have a complex password hackers can still worm their slimy ways in via your web hosting company’s servers which is why 1&1’s Performance Windows package comes with 1&1 SiteLock Basic and 1&1 SSL Certificate and a dedicated IP so that you can sleep soundly at night with the knowledge that a whole host of excellent security features have you back.


Once you’ve got your webspace and you know that your site will be secured, you might even want to think about building an empire from your humble online beginnings, with a whole network of websites to your name. But that’s going to be tricky if your web hosting won’t let you. Thankfully, 1&1 offers FREE Domains with your 1&1 hosting account and Performance Windows hosting packages allow for multiple domains meaning that even if you want to host 2, 3 or even 50 domains on your web hosting package, you’ll be able to as part of your deal.


Even with all of these things accounted for, what happens if something goes wrong? What happens if there’s a file you can’t find or information that you need and don’t know how to get it? You’ll want a web hosting company that will be there for you. 1&1 offers phone and email support for its customers no matter which hosting package they’re on meaning that even in your trickiest spots, they’ll be willing to help you out no matter what time of day it is.

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